Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Morning Shred

Restless night, I was up at 419am. That seems to be Devin's new wake up time too.  We did go back to bed until about 730am, got up and had breakfast. Devin broke out the thyroid pills, I slinked off into my crate.
Devin didn't see a point in fighting with me to take my pill. I scored a small piece of cheese slice again
I'm not sure how the cheese slice thing. It's only my second time having a piece though.  Devin tears off a small enough piece to hide my pill inside.  Devin was thinking perhaps cream cheese next time. It's more on the "real" side of "people food".

Anyway, this morning I hung out in my nest for quite a while. Finally Devin convinced me to get up and join the world.  We went for a walk to Nana's.  I had a few snacks while I was there, because what is a visit to Nana's if I don't empty Rye-Lee's water dish and get a few tasty snacks?   Nana even gave me yesterday's newspaper to read.  Nana said I'm an excellent speed reader!  I tore right through the sports section.  

Last night - Chillin'
This morning - Post Nana's: sock treatment
Posing with Boxer Tony Luis
Rye-Lee quick on the move. He doesn't growl at me anymore or yip, but he sure does speed walk past me.
Local news
 So that's about it for me. Nana comes over tonight. Yay!


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