Monday, October 22, 2012

Greyhound Scream Of Death (GSOD) Parental note

This morning Milo decided to wake me up at around 0330hrs.  There was a panic in his cry, similar to this time last year when he had the evil "denta stix" incident.  I bolted out of bed, and took him outside for a walk.
He mowed the front lawn and continued mowing the lawns of others in the neighborhood.  Finally he did what he had to do.  I'm not sure what all the fuss was about this morning.  He did get a reaction out of me. Perhaps that's all he was testing.

This evening while I was making my lunch for work, Milo was up on the couch relaxing and snoozing. All of a sudden he let out the "Greyhound Scream Of Death" also known as "GSOD". My heart instantly stopped. I went running over to him to see what had happened. I checked every inch of him to see if something was out of place, bleeding, and or had been poked or picked on something/anything. All the while he just laid there with his head up looking at me,  with a "No big deal Dev" look.

Now i'm not sure if you've ever experience the "GSOD", I think it's best explained below:

"if you've never heard the greyhound scream of death, consider yourself fortunate.  It's a greyhound tactic that will stop just about anyone's heart in their chest.  It's a high-pitched scream that rivals the most chilling sound from any horror movie. They let The Scream loose when they feel a trivial twinge of pain that might possibly produce more pain and need to let everyone within a twenty block radius know".

This is Milo's second GSOD since living here.  I think I'm good for another year!


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