Saturday, October 20, 2012

Expect The Unexpected

Nana:  Are you sure he isn't going to get to those pills?
Devin: Mum, he won't get the pills, he runs from them when I take them out. He won't take them down from there.

Devin came home from work yesterday morning to find that after 2 weeks of my pills being in the same spot, I finally decided to get to them.  I could hear Devin's heart drop and skip a few beats as I was bypassed from my morning greeting. A straight dash was made to the pill bottle on the kitchen floor.  I didn't manage to damage the bottle or take any extra pills for that matter.  Lesson 1 in - treat me like the toddler. Expect the unexpected

Weeeee they rattle when you toss them about!
 These pills are really working wonders. I got up on the couch and snuggled in behind Devin. I was told me that the couch isn't big enough for the two of us.  I like to stretch out my long legs, in saying that I ALMOST managed to kick Devin off the couch with my stretching. 
Couch cuddles
Couch cuddles didn't last a long time. Devin moves about too much and throws off way too much heat for my liking. I moved myself to the end of the couch.

Turkey neck
Nighttime corn treatment.
 I managed to keep one sock on ALLLL night.  Devin is always fussing with my socks and the tape that keeps them on.

This morning Devin woke me up early and served up my breakfast. This cream cheese treat I get with each meal is pretty yummy.  Don't think that I haven't figured out that you're slipping my pill in there Devin.  Right now the cream cheese goodness out ranks the pill.

Rise and shine!
 We went on our morning walk. I think I look pretty dapper with the autumn colours. You almost can't tell me apart from the leaves!
I blend in with the autumn colours
Truckin' along
Tra la la
We're almost there!
 We stopped in at Nana's.  Nana told Devin the other day that I can come anytime and wake her up.
Me, specifically me...annnnnnd that's what I did.
I went into Nana's room and watched her while she slept..Kinda creepy I know, she didn't wake up right away.  Nana sleeps sound like me! z z z z z
I did manage to get up on her bed.

Lesson 2 - Expect the unexpected.

I plopped myself down beside Nana. Rye-Lee was on one side of Nana, then made his way to her pillow. From the pillow he had a good view of me. 
Morning Nana!!!
Nana got up and Rye-Lee and I got some yummy treats.  I laid on the carpet in front of the couch, rolled around a bit, I even played with Nana. She gave me pets with her foot. and pushed me about  *hehe*  She knew I was okay with it as my tail was doing my silly tail wag.
foot pets
We skipped through the field on our way home from Nana's.  It feels good to feel good in your own skin.
 Once home I found myself up on Devin's bed.  Chillin' from my eventful morning.

 Corn update -
 Corn 1- the piece that was left behind from when the corn (we think sheered off) fell off is slowly making its way to the surface.

Corn 2 - Devin can lift a bit of that big bad guy out. It's holding strong on the front and one of the sides. However, Devin can get a nail kinda around some of it. It's definitely separating from the "good" skin.

Corn 1 (top)  Corn 2 (bottom)  slowly getting there

I think Devin is going to be painting again today; touch ups.  Me, i'm just going to hang out in my nest I think.


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