Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Photo Blog

Devin thinks that my thyroid pills are working their magic on me.  I am playing more, I lay outside of my nest more.  I meet and greet people with a happy tail wag that lasts past the initial contact. 

I stayed out of the way this morning while Devin touched up the ceiling.  My toy box was moved on me, it now sits next to my nest.  While supervising Devin's painting job, I snuck out of my nest, grabbed a one of my stuffies, dropped it in the back of my nest and laid back down.  Not sure what the point of that was, other that, at that moment, I wanted that particular one close to me.

I had a few kangaroo jumps this evening while out on my nightly stroll with Nana and Devin.  Devin gets a charge outta that when I do silly things like that. 

Nothing really new with me, just enjoying the new "moods" i'm in.  It was a fun day of playing with Chicken.


Chomp chomp chomp

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