Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stop Drop and Roll! Scary curbside things

Not much going on in these parts lately..
Perhaps just a few photos:

The other morning when Devin came home from work, I decided to try and mow as many lawns as possible. Devin told me that we had to get going, I could sleep all day and all night, but Devin had to get some naps in before going back into work.
Early morning mow..errr..grazing lawns

This morning I had a bit of a freak attack. See those scary things below? Those two strange black things?
Yeah those things, while we were out for our morning walk this morning I saw them from a distance. As we got closer, it happened so fast, I'm not sure what exactly startled me. As fast as I dropped to the ground, i ended up on my side, bounced back up, and in the process I let out a heck of a growl on my way back up.
  Autumn weather sure is spooky!
scary unidentified things
 After we walked around half the loop, Devin turned me around to walk back home.  I was forced to face my "weeble" from earlier. I had walk by those scary black things on the ground.  I kept my eyes front as we approached.  Once by them, I glanced back at them to show them that i wasn't afraid!
Just keep walking...Just keep walking..ignore them...they won't know you're there... Just keep walking...
Devin seems to think that i've come to life quite a bit. I'm really into playing with Lambie these days. Even with her silent cries, she's still fun to fling around.  

Don't even get me started on the rubber chicken.
Devin puts it up high so i don't have free access to it.  It's taken down once a day or every couple of days.
I go ballistic on it!  I really crack up Devin and Nana with my Chicken flinging.  I managed to silence Chicken last night. No more squawks.  Nothing lasts forever... i definitely got my enjoyment out of it!

Oh, I almost forgot.  Devin gave me a nice massage today. I was drifting in and out of sleepies. When my left side was done, Devin stopped and told me I had to roll over if i wanted the other side done.  It took quite a few attempts, but I did manage to get myself turned over.  I had a bit of a burst of energy and wanted to play, then settled down. 
Devin thought this would be nice bounding time for us.  I'll take it!


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