Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloweeeeeen!

This morning I wasn't moving for anything.  I remained snoozing on my bed while Devin put on boots on, then put my collar on.  It took some convincing and a piece of banana to get me to move.  The banana came first. I was holding out for something better. It never came. Up I got and went for my early morning walk.

snoozing - Devin slipped on my boots
Collar slipped on...still waiting it out. Maybe Devin will go away.
 This evening when Devin came home from work, we went out for a quick walk.  There weren't too many ghosts or goblins around. *phew*  We came back home for my much anticipated supper!!!  YUM!!!

Supper, feet treatment, naps, feet treatment then bed. That's what tonight holds for me.

Devin contacted Lori Rose for more treatment stuff.  She's going to send pills and her oil mixture tomorrow.
I'm to wait 2 weeks before starting the pill treatment.

That's about it for today.  Thanks Nana for stopping by to take me out earlier.  Even if it did take you longer to dress me than my time spent outside.


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