Friday, November 2, 2012

While you were out.... It wasn't me

This morning while Devin was getting ready for work I busy gobbling up my breakfast.  I had several big drinks of water, turned around, went into my nest, laid down, and then proceeded to power yak up my unprocessed breakfast. I first threw it forward, then I threw it to the side (inside and outside my nest).  Devin best describes it as looking like the Hoover Dam sprung a leak. 
 I managed to spray Lambie and Blue Rabbit.  Devin removed them and put them in the bathroom on top of the laundry hamper.

Nana didn't know they were removed and put away for cleaning. When she came over to visit in the afternoon she saw that one of my friends were dropped where my toy box used to be, while the other one was next to my nest; where my toy box now sits.  It seemed like business as usual. Nana didn't
know any different, as they dried off by the time she got here. She picked up my friends and put them back to where they normally lay. 

Just before Devin came home from work last night Nana came over and waited for Devin to arrive home. I didn't know it, but Devin and Nana made plans for us to go on a walk together.  While Nana was here alone I stayed in the bedroom up on the bed.
When Devin came through the door, Nana was sitting in the kitchen and said:

"look what's in the hallway".

Devin thought I was sitting nice in the hallway looking at Nana.   *hehe*
New toys!!!! Devin's been holding out on me
I managed to drag out this neat fuzzy pillow that's been standing up in front of Devin's stand up mirror for about a month now.  I had a grand ole' time playing with it this afternoon.  I had a VERY busy afternoon.
I slept in my nest, on the couch, on the bed, on my bed, played with pillow, Lambie, Blue Rabbit, and Chicken.  Full time job!!

Err..Hi?.. Yes? *blink blink*  (acting innocent on the bed when Devin came home)
Wait until you see what I've done!  hahahaha
Hi Nana!  You gots treats for me?  stretttccchhhhh

It turns out Devin didn't give me my corn treatment properly.  Those drops that go in my water were meant for me to take when I was done my pill treatment.  It's all good. 

We have more pills and oil treatment on their way from Lori Rose (Ireland).
This time the pills are one pill a week for 8weeks, along with the drops for my water. 

Here's hoping this round works.  Devin had a rough time handling the last batch, We had pills flying all over the place and dropping. Towards the end Devin got the hang of it.  It's all about contamination with holistic medication.  Devin is feeling pretty confident that this round will be much better.  With a tip from Camp Greyhound (Karen) we should do just fine.

Temp change:
This morning Devin removed the a/c from the window. Does this mean winter is on its way? Snow??? Weee weeeee weeeeeeee!!!!!

Diet change:
Thanks to Camp Greyhound (Karen) Devin has been becoming more informed about the feeding me a Raw Diet.  Price checking around today, I think we'll be starting soon!

A BIG Thank you to Karen for the endless help in answering Devin's never ending questions about anything and everything! :)

That's it for now.  Nest time with my socks.


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