Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chicken, Chicken and MORE Chickens!!!

Yesterday Devin and Nana went out shopping together. I was left behind, apparently "my kind" isn't allow in certain stores. Hmpft!

I was excited when the two of them returned home.
Speeeeedy  wee wee weeeee
Hi, whatcha got there??
Anything in here for me??
What about here Nana? What did you get for me???
Chicken!!!!!  Nana bought me a boy Chicken, and Devin bought me a replacement girl chicken. Boy chicken lasted all of 3 minutes before I managed to saw a hole through a side of the breast.
Big eyes
After all that playing I needed a nap.  Devin took that opportunity to give me my evening treatment, complete with sock treatment.
Tucked toes. Maybe if I hide my feet, Devin will forget my nighttime treatment?
Toe treatment... zz zzz
Yes, I am sporting one black and one blue sock.
Oh so tired...
Later on last night, I came to bed. Devin tucked me in for the night. I love being cozy under a blanket.
Roaching - airing out a foot
This morning Nana me us on our walk.  We went back to her place for a little visit.  We sure are getting spoiled with Nana coming on walks with us.
Treat cupboard!
Nana telling me I have to wait, it's Rye-Lee's turn. *listening*
Sharing a hand.
 Nana came over again this afternoon and went for a walk with us.  We did a mini loop on our "new route".
Devin had to dress me in my raincoat/windbreaker.  The wind and temperatures sure are getting chilly in these parts.   

On our way back we met a new tenant and her "helpers".  Her name is Beth.  She gave me lovely scritches. Nana held her breath has Beth got down in front of me. I didn't mind though. I just looked around.  My girlfriend Sophie was outside too getting lots of lovings.

Once back inside, Nana took down my new girl chicken. I went nutso on it. 
Double the pleasure? Old and New Chicken!


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