Monday, November 12, 2012

The training wheels came off last night

The other day Devin spoke with Grandpa Bill (, he suggested that Devin take down my crate and see how I do.  I think Devin was more sad to see it go then I was.

When Devin came home from work yesterday evening, we went for a quick walk, dodged the "PEI dog" that came running out at us *ugh*, took the long loop home to avoid her, came home, took my thyroid pill, then had supper.   While I was having supper Devin was off to the side of me taking down my "nest".  I was more interested in my food than what was going on around me.

Devin put Lambie, Sheepie, Pillow, and Fuzzy Bone, up on the couch while my nest was dismantled. I laid on my bed watching the events unfold, my focus quickly turned to my "friends" who were laying quietly on the couch.  My nest was going, does that mean my friends were moving out too???   I got up from my bed and made my way to the couch. I sneakily saved one friend at a time, bringing them over to my bed to lay with me.  Devin laughed and asked me if I was going to become a hoarder.

While Devin brought my nest into the shortage room, i had a good sniff around where my nest used to be.
Devin vacuumed up the area then put my bed back over in that area.  It took a little bit of coaxing, but I did eventually lay down on my bed.  It took me a few hours to figure out a good place to lay down.  Before when I'd lay in my nest, I was able to squish up against the walls and get into all sorts of strange poses.  Now when I try to lay in certain positions I slip off the side of the bed.  I did find the wall to rest my back up against though.  I'll figure this out.

We spent part of the night out in the living room.  Devin went to bed around 1am, I followed shortly behind.
I got up around 6am, but Devin played possum with me.  We did get up at 630am for breakfast, I had a quick nap on my bed in the living room, then shortly after that we went on our morning walk.  We cut through the baseball field; I had tons of sniffing that needed to be done.  We walked past Nana's on our way home, the blinds were down, so we kept on walking.

Once home I  wandered over to my bed. I gave Devin sad sorta eyes and kept looking into the kitchen. My Jedi Mind Tricks worked, Devin took Chicken down from the top of the fridge for me.  Pure bliss!!!
Devin and I played with Chicken for a bit, then I wandered over to my bed for my morning nap.

zz z zz ...

Saturday Evening - Last night in my nest
 Sunday Evening -
Okay, tell me again, You're going to do what with my nest??  PS in case you didn't notice, i stole your socks (earlier today) and your toque just now
Jedi Mind Tricks.....
Okay, so it's really going tonight?
Supper time!  Diggin' in while Devin gets to work.
I didn't believe you when you said it...
Omg, my friends...are my friends leaving too??? Shhh stay quiet, i'll come rescue you shortly
Lambie, you're the first to come!
Fuzzy Bone, you're next!
Tada!  Big boy bed
Well, it's no nest, but it will do...
Went into the bedroom for a little sulking time
Trying out the angles...
Okay, I found the wall..This might be doable
zzz zz
Post morning walk - Chicken!

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