Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Double Post - Cheetah Dog!

On our way back home from our walk this afternoon, there were two little girls jumping around on pogo sticks in their driveway.  Devin told me that Devin and Shelley (Devin's sister) used to do that when they were younger.  *Boing Boing Boing*

The youngest of the two girls said: ewwww a dog!  
The oldest of the two girls said:  It's a Cheetah Dog!

This photo best displays how I feel at the present moment:

Humans sure do have wild imaginations.

-The other summer, a lady thought Devin was walking with a deer. ???

-Another little girl thought I was a Tiger.

My morning and afternoon after my corn treatment was pretty low key. Devin had the windows open, it was a bit chilly. I spent several hours snoozing under blankets.  I lovesssss blankets! I love blankets almost as much as I love pillows.

Lambie on guard while I nap
  z z z z z ...

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