Friday, November 30, 2012

November 30th - Supper! 13oz of goodness!

Devin had to step out earlier today to have the snow tires placed on the truck for us. While on the way out the door I was given 4 KONGS with some yogurt and crushed up pieces of dried liver.

Upon Devin's return home, I was at the door quietly waiting.  Devin brought in a few bags of groceries. My new thing is to poke my head in the grocery bags as they make their way into the house. :D

I waited until Devin had made a sandwich and was about to sit down to eat.  I put in my request to go outside.  Off we went for a nice walk. I didn't have to bundle up nearly as much as I did this morning.  Lots O' pees, but nothing more than that.

This evening Devin pulled out this HUGE place mat for me to eat on top of.  I took the hint that I was suppose to be standing on it; okay maybe not, but really there wasn't many places for me to walk off to. The place was almost wall to wall plastic. haha  Think Devin didn't want the carpets dirty again??

Of course the reality tv crew moved in for my supper time. I'm wondering when every little thing I do will stop being such a production??

I gobbled up my 13oz of chicken leg and sniffed around the area for more. I didn't find anything, so I decided I'd wander off for my post supper nap.

Nana came by shortly after to drop a few things off. It was too cold for her to come on a walk tonight, truth be told I didn't want to go outside either.   When Nana left, Devin worked at getting me outside.  With enough "comecomecome" *failed* and by putting my collars on with a bribe of dried liver, I complied and went to the door.  We bundled up and went for an evening stroll.  I still have quite the limp on from that evil Corn 2 (that half fell out).  Once I got going, I didn't look back.  I took Devin on a long walk.

Here comes the TMI (too much information) part of my walk.   I finally went for a small poop.  Devin called it a "nanny turd". It was nice and formed, and left Devin questioning what was exactly in there.  When we got back to where we drop off my "deposits", Devin mushed it around to see what it looked like.  Apparently one area kind of had the consistency of a piece of chicken skin I had earlier. 

Anyway, Shall see what tomorrow brings. So far so good with my new raw diet.
But, it's too cold to go outside Devin...
Ok.. I'm in place, where's supper?

Supper time video:

Post evening walk - found an old friend when Devin moved our bedroom around for "winter time heating"


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