Wednesday, November 14, 2012

R is for Roaching!!!!!

Well folks, last night I did it. I flip this body of mine around and onto my back. I roached.  I was so content that when Devin went to bed I stayed out in the living room for a little bit.  The previous nights since my nest went away I'd be right behind Devin when it was bedtime. 

Last night - First roaching without my nest

I had Devin up at 5:25am this morning. Last night we went to bed super early. My early awake hour was bound to happen.
I managed to Houdini my way out of my socks sometime last night.
 Devin first said that we were going out for a quick pee then back to bed.  Plans were changed as Devin started dressing us for the weather outside.  We ended up going on a nice walk, I did what I had to do, came home played with Chicken, then had my pill and breakfast.  All of that was too much activity fort his guy, I decided it was time for my morning nap.

After a while of slipping off my bed, readjusting, I managed to flip myself around and roached some more this morning.  Life is Greyt!  Only problem with my roaching session this morning.... The couch ate my head
Nom nom nom nom
Er... The couch ate my head.  elp...
Devin was worried that I was caught under the couch. Chicken came for a quick play to see if i could get out from under the couch.  With a tiny thump I managed to free myself from the couch monster.  Devin isn't worried now that I'll get stuck while no one is home.

So that's it for me.  Nana comes tonight!

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