Sunday, November 4, 2012

Imma Walkin'

Today was filled with long walks.  Devin managed to get me outside for 3 long walks today.

First we stopped off a Nana's for a drink and a treat. I actually hopped up on the couch and laid beside Nana. I could have laid towards Devin, but I decided I wanted to rest a leg up against Nana.  Rye-Lee was not overly excited about me being up on the couch. He stared off in the other direction, perhaps he thought if he ignored me, I'd go away?   Nana even gave me lovin', I got me some pettings from her. No Nana's were harmed in this photo. *hehe*
Hangin' with Nana
Devin thought it would be amusing to put a toque on my head. Can you see by my eyes, that I am oh so excited to be wearing that silly thing?
Things I do to humour the human.

Later on in the afternoon Devin and I had some couch time together.  I like it when Devin puts down the fuzzy blanket for me to lay on.  I hope all my brothers and sisters are getting to experience this lifestyle.
Couch nappies
After I had my supper, Nana came over to hang out and go for a walk.  We all went on a nice walk together.
I had A LOT of sniffing to do this evening. 

I stopped dead in my tracks and starred down this strange thing between two of the houses. Devin told me it was okay, that it was just a boat.  Nana and I agree, what a silly place for a boat to be!

Nothing else really exciting in these parts.  Tomorrow morning I'm going to try and let Devin enjoy a bit of the time change that happened in the wee hours of the morning.   All weekend I've been getting Devin up at an ungodly hours of 3am, 4am, 5am, 6am, 7am.   My bad.  What's a guy to do when he has an overwhelming urge to eat grass at 3am???


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