Friday, November 30, 2012

Did someone say chicken??? 15oz of goodnes (Oh yeah and big scary things)

Okay first things first:

Wednesday/Thursday quick recap -
Nana came over both days to take me outside. I went outside without a problem.

 I heard Nana talking with "Sophie" (black lab) talking in the hallway, my nose was stuck to the door when Nana came in. I waited a few seconds and off to my bed in the living room I went. I waited for Nana to wash up some dishes and clean my KONGS (it's all about routine for me).  Nana dropped  few snacks in my dish, I grabbed those up without any thought, Nana told me it was time to go out, I happily went along.

I was super sneaky with Nana. Muauahahaha...
When Nana came by I was on my bed in the bedroom, I got tired of waiting for Nana so out I came and stood by my food dish, when Nana turned around I was standing there, waiting for my snack. I think I caught Nana off guard, She didn't even heard me get out of bed and walk down the hall to my dish.  We went outside for short walk, then back in. When Nana went to bring me my KONG, she saw that I was already laying on my towel waiting for what was to come next...KONG!!!  Nana was on the slow side today.  I was one step ahead of her each time.

Devin believes my resistance in going out with Nana on the weekend likely had something to do with my medication being off.
I guess my days of pill hoarding and hiding are over. Devin has been super vigilant in making sure that ALL my pills make it down into my tummy.

Devin came home last night from work to find some arts and crafts in the hallway. I looked on from the bedroom.
arts and crafts, look what I made for you!
 We went out for our pre supper walk when we came back Devin found the rest of my arts and crafts.
I decided it would be a good idea to toilet paper my water dish. I didn't think about how i'd have to drink from there later.  Gotta rethink this one better next time.
yes? I didn't do it.
I had a good supper, then it was time for my foot treatment. Devin put the treatment off for a while as I was quite enjoying my post supper snooze.

Friday Morning:

At around 5am I wandered over and stared at Devin.  I didn't receive much of a response, so I went back to my bed.  Shortly after Devin got up and turned on every light  in the place, okay maybe not every light, but it felt like a reality show was about to go into production here. Little did I know, that a reality show was about to happen, and I was going to be the star.   Devin placed a sheet of plastic down on the floor where my KONG towel normally goes.
Uhm, Devin? You said breakfast, what's this about??
Breakfast! 15oz chicken leg
 BREAKFAST!!!!  (Video)

I did a really good job at standing on my plastic area, Devin asked maybe next time if I focus on chewing on top of the area.  I said, I'd see. :D

Post breakfast photos:
thinking about what I just ate.  Why do all good things come to an end??
in post chicken heaven...
working on a post breakfast nap..If Devin would stop with the flashes already!
 I was having a great 1.5hr sleep when Devin started getting ready to go outside. I heard "comecomecomecomecome"; that's Devin's new "outside time" call for me.  Silly humans...

Anyway, it's -16c in these parts today. Devin bundled me up nice and warm. My ear/neck/snood warmer was placed on my head, followed by my Thera Paw, and coat.  Devin thought at one point before we got outside that it was overkill. That quickly went away when we opened the front door.  My chin hairs had frost-cicles on them! Brrrr  

Le sigh... Winter... Love the snow but the bitter cold No!
Tra la la
On our walk I spotted these scary things that were laying out on a lawn. I tried to back step it outta there.  Devin told me it was okay they were just Christmas decorations, the kind that blow up to be something when they inflate.
I wasn't convinced... I cautiously side stepped, back stepped, then looked straight ahead trying to ignore them. Ya know, maybe if I don't see "Them" err...they won't see me sorta deal??
big scary things on the ground
I safely made it past the big scary things.We ended up walking the BIG LOOP, then cut our way through the baseball field on the way back home. 

So much fresh crisp air, it's now time for another nap.


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