Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Car rides, visits and packages - Oh my!

While on our walk this morning, I decided that some grass needed a bit of a trim. I munched my way through the first few minutes of our walk. *nom nom nom*

We ran into Nana and Rye-Lee while we wandered the village.  We said hello from afar and kept on walking, Rye-Lee and I were on a mission. Together but separate.

When we came back home Devin worked on my toes for me.  Corn 2 is definitely doing something. I can't seem to keep my tongue off of it.  Devin thanked me for helping.

A while later Devin, Nana and myself went for a car ride to town. Nana had a few things to do, so Devin and I joined in.  It was nice to go on a ride that didn't result in me having to go to the vet.   I had Heaps O' Gas, Devin had to roll the windows down a few times. *hehe*

Devin and Nana picked up some sushi on our travels, and went back to Nana's to eat it.  My blankets were brought up from the basement, I paced for a bit before finally settling down on them for a mini nap.  When Devin went to work on Nana's computer, I joined everyone in the room, made myself comfy on the bed (when I was asked up).

Nana got my blanket for me and Devin covered me up.  I had a wonderful snooze on the spare bed.

On our way home we stopped by the post office.  My package from Karen (Campgreyhound) arrived!
It contained my homeopathic first aid kit and my new muzzle.   I was super excited to see the package, I was jumping through the parking lot like a kangaroo and sniffing the bag all over.  weee weee weee!!!

Corn update -
Corn 1 seems to be getting smaller, maybe even disappearing, it's hard to tell.

Corn 2 seems to be reading itself to come out.  Milo started licking it last night and some today while he was in the car and at Nana's house.  You can lift the corn up quite a bit. One part of the corn hasn't separated from the bad yet.

Yesterday - hanging out with my friends
Yesterday - Rye-Lee and Dutches playing, I stood and watched from afar
Yesterday  - Uninterested in their shenanigans
Yesterday - z z z  Love me pillow!
Last night - bedtime corn treatment. z z z's under Bunny
Chicken was sneaky and got in on the photo op.
Weeeee - tongue hanging out of my mouth while he run through the baseball field towards Nana's house
Trimming the grass
Nap time at Nana's
Package from Campgreyhound (Karen)
My new muzzle and Homeopathic First Aid Kit!
Trying on the new accessory.

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