Sunday, November 18, 2012

Marathon grass chewing and potential Job at a toothpick factory

Yesterday while I was out on my afternoon walk, we ran into Dave and his Rottie "Beau".  She's always happy to see me, as I am her. We do lots of sniffies, then she tries to get me to play. I stand there looking at her while she zoomies around me.  She's so silly.  While Devin and Dave were talking, I decided to pick up small twigs and eat them.  Devin stopped me a few times, and took them out from my mouth. Devin told me that if i didn't stop it I was going to end up pooping toothpicks.  Whatever that means?? *chomp chomp chomp*   It soon became a losing battle, Devin just let me chomp on them.
  *Twigs, my new favorite thing!*

Last night I had a major case of the ETS's.  While laying on the couch- post corn treatment, my tongue found its way out of my mouth.  Apparently Devin found this to be quite amusing, as there were several photos taken of me like this.  *hmpft*

This morning**
I woke up at 0332hrs, I let out a few whimpers, Devin got up to see what the matter was. I NEEDED to go outside.  Devin slipped on my collars and opened the door.  I ran full speed down the hall to the second door and up the stairs and to the "outside" door. I waited eagerly for Devin to clip on my leash.  I flew out the front door with Devin on the other end and made it straight for the grass.  I mowed, mowed and mowed some more.  Devin could hear my stomach gurgling while I mowed away that the grass.

After 9 mins of grass eating, Devin asked me if we could go inside.  I followed Devin inside, I laid down on my bed, with my stomach still gurgling, I let out a little whimper, Devin asked me if I had to go outside.

I shot to the door again.  We took a nice stroll through the village, I nibbled some grass, had a few pees and sniffed about.  The stars were shinning brightly in the sky. While I sniffed about, Devin stood looking up and around.  We agreed that "country" living is nice.   We walked the loop,  My gurgled less after I took care of things.   Once back home, we went to bed until 0722hrs ( i have something with the number 2, ha no pun intended today), I was ready for my breakfast. Up we got, I ate my breakfast, then stood around looking "off".   Devin asked me what was wrong, I just stood there looking kind of lost with my tail hanging down.

Devin asked me if I needed to go outside, I didn't react in a very enthusiastic way. I moved rather slowly.
Going from half standing on my bed, to standing in the middle of the living room, to back over near my bed.

Devin dressed me up in my "cold weather gear", and off we went for a morning walk. I didn't venture too far away from Devin, I pretty well stuck near by.    My stomach was all out of sorts today - Devin thinks it might have been the chicken foot I had yesterday.  My tummy isn't used to them.  Good thing Devin is a good catcher!!  Thank you Lucy's Mum for showing us the "catchers mitt".  After that, I trotted off. My stomach felt much better!

Too much information sometimes, I know.  :)

Once home, Devin gave me my morning corn treatment. A  little tug and shift on Corn 2, just to remind it that it needs to come out.  Corn 1 hole still being treated. Corn 1 area is rather squishy to the pinchy touch.
Because I didn't have my socks on long last night, Devin decided to put my socks on after my morning treatment. 

Now i'm just relaxing on my bed beside the couch. 

Photos from the past few days:
Last night - post corn treatment
Last night - post corn treatment.  Devin decided to use bag balm on my back feet, a few pads were cracked in places. Foot massages, it's a rough life!
Last night - zzzz
 ETS - Escape Tongue Syndrome

0332hrs - grass eating marathon
Nom nom nom nom
 Post morning walk and corn treatment

I be roachin' and droolin'
ice cube munching in the sun - too much like work to sit up to eat
nom nom nom ice cubes!


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