Monday, November 5, 2012

Photo Day

Last night I was super sleepy from all my walking yesterday. I took up a comfy spot at the other end of the couch, and slowly pushed Devin out.

And it starts like this....
z z z z
a little flip
Diggin' the toes into the cushions
 Devin told me it was time for bed... (video at end)
I did eventually make my way to my bed in the bedroom...
All tucked in - Again, I like to let my toes breathe
We slept in until about 6am this morning. Devin got up and fixed my breakfast for me.  We went back to bed for an hour or so, then off on our morning walk we went.  That time change has really made the sun come out early!

 Devin decided to give me my toe treatment with socks this morning.  No time tonight I was told. Night shift *blahhh boo hisss*   I was panting some so Devin decided to give me an ice cube to cool myself down with.

Chompin on an ice cube. MmMM nom
 That's about it for me for a few days. 


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