Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thera Paws and Pills

This morning Devin got me up and out early. My stomach was gurgling up a storm again.  We went for a nice short walk, I did what I had to do, then we came back for some breakfast. 

A few hours later I was pacing about.  Devin asked me if i wanted to go back outside, off I went running to the door.  We went for a stroll, I ended up leading us through the baseball field.  We met up with Dutchies, she didn't want anything to do with me today.  :(

Thera Paws in the snow:
When the Thera Paw is velcored over there leaves a small hole on the top of the foot.  While walking in the light snow today the snow manage to work its way into my boot and got packed at the toe.  Devin thought my boot was falling off, until a failed attempted at pulling them up revealed I had about 2 inches of snow packed into the toe of my boots.   Devin is going to try and get some material to sew onto the boot in order to keep the snow out.   My Corn 2 foot has been super sensitive since half of the corn fell out.  Lots of limping going on.

Thyroid Pills and Behavior:
While Devin was cleaning up around the apartment today, my secret stash of random pill pieces was found.
Okay, well they weren't many...
Devin found a whole pill on the floor along with half of a pill.  Perhaps this is why I've been acting a little strange these past few days. 
falling off my bed
Not so interested in playing with chicken
probably take a nap..
Evening shred. Devin brought out the newspaper for me to shred in hopes it would make me "happy"

All in all not much going on with me.  Nana comes over tomorrow and the next day. I'll see if I feel like going out then.


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