Wednesday, November 21, 2012

On the road again...

Where do I even start with my day?

I'll back it up to yesterday...

Nana was wonderful, she came over a few times to let me out and to feed me my supper. Devin had to go out of town for an appointment.  I think Devin and I were equally happy to see each other.  *happy sigh*

We slept out in the living room last night; I feel like this is sorta becoming a habit.  Anyway, Devin woke up briefly around 5 am to see the power go off, it stayed off until about 7am.   In between those hours, Devin managed to drop the cell phone.  It fell on to the baseboard heater, directly on its corner.   I heard Devin mumble something about "gorilla glass my a**".  I went back to sleep for a bit.   Devin got me up around 6am or so, We both had breakfast by candlelight and tried to go back to sleep for a little bit.

After the power came back on and the sun "turned on", we went for a walk and stopped over at Nana's. 
Nana was looking at recipes in the cookbook. I thought I'd give her a hand.
Look n' Cook??   I'm looking, where's the cooking??
A little later on we went over to Melissa's to help her put the tarp on pool.  The twins were sent into the house on account of them being too rambunctious to stay out of the way. Us seniors, Angel and I were allowed to hang around outside.
uh, can we go inside too?
I guess not... Whatcha wanna do now?
A little futon time. ahhh comfort!
z z z
Angel and I did go back outside.  At one point when the twins were outside I did actually try and play with them.  My stupid boots though started to fall off and Devin ran after me to take them off.  That was the end of my playtime. I lost the ambition.    When the Twins went inside, I did go a little crazy down and thought I'd help dig a hole that they started.  I dug a few times, stopped, then took off like a bullet. Angel tried to catch me. haha

enjoying some rays
Devin tossed me one of the twins toys.
next up - grazing
Here's the hole I tried to help dig for the twins
too much work after the sprinting and digging...
My latest obsession.... TIGS!  BRANCHES!!
When we arrived back home Devin drew my bath and got me to come into the bathroom.  A little snack motivation never hurt anyone.  Devin even told me to get into the tub, and I climbed right in. For being such a good boy I was given another little treat.  Devin kept my boots on me for the duration of the bath, only taking them off a few times to rinse me down.  Those boots in the shower sure do help a lot!
Clean!  snuggling up with sheepie after my bath

I was being really quiet this evening, Devin came to check on me.
roach central!  I tried to cover up, but it didn't work very well.

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