Thursday, November 22, 2012

How much wood would a milochuck chuck....

I woke Devin up this morning at around 5am. It wasn't to go outside, or to eat.  I was sick in the hallway.

How much wood could a milochuck if a milo could chuck wood? The answer would be, not very much.

I almost made it to the doorway area; unfortunately I hit the carpet.  Devin came racing over to me to see what was going on, too late.  I was sick on the carpet. Devin stood there trying to figure out what I got into. There were little twines of grass and a lot of "wood chips".  Who would have thought, that stuff doesn't digest.  Devin told me that was the end of me being a dog while I'm outside.  No more twigs/branches.

I was just trying to do my part in helping to clean my teeth.  My mistake.

I was slow moving this morning, we went for our walk, came back and I crashed for quite a while.
I made myself comfy up on the couch while Devin broke out the carpet cleaner.  The spray cleaner just wasn't cutting it, had to go big.

~Trigger words~
I get excited when Devin says the word "objection".  Devin was speaking a few days back, and used the word "objection" I perk right up and got silly, spinning around.
Devin can't figure what I'm associating that word with. 

Devin took some decent photos of my corns today.  Still working on Corn 2, bit by bit it's slowly parting from the good part on my pad.

Corn 2 photos

Corn 1 - I'm not sure if that's making a comeback or healing itself out.  Either way, my paw is sensitive when Devin massages the oil into it.

I'm limited with the posting of photos lately, I'm running out of space.
Devin still hasn't figured out an alternative.

Last night Nana came over to help Devin bag my chicken.  Devin purchased two big bags of chicken legs for me, weighed them out and bagged them.  Nana wrote "Milo - Weight X.  I believe next weekend Devin is starting me on my new raw diet.  No more processed stuff for me!


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