Friday, November 16, 2012

Corns and Finding my voice

Last night Devin came home early from work.  I was found up on the big bed, crashed out cold.

I stayed there for some time before retiring to the living room for the night with Devin.
I got up at 5am, Devin is terrible at this playing possum game.  With a few little yelp/yip/barks Devin asked me what I needed, I spun around in circles, Devin asked if I wanted breakfast.  I yipped back, hoping Devin would take that as a YES, DO YOU EVEN NEED TO ASK ME THIS???   After breakfast I crashed for an hour before needing to go outside.

Devin took me to see Gina today, she trimmed my nails up real good.  I didn't even pay attention to her Siamese cat who was at first hiding in a shelving area beside the stairs we had to go down, and then she was up on the counter. She meowed a few times, but I couldn't be bothered. I was more interested in wandering around, checking things out around me.  Gina has so many smells at her place. It's a good sniffing time!
Oh and Gina gives yummy treats too!  Thank you Gina  :)

We went back home and relaxed for the remainder of the day.  Nana came over earlier on and we went for  a walk together.  When we got back home, Nana served me up supper.  She told me to Sit and Wait while she put my food down for me. I listened :)

After supper Devin went into surgery with Dragon, Lambie and Baseball.  Surgery was a success, as each "friend" came out of surgery I managed to find their stitch lines and chewed around the area.

*Corn update*
When Devin went to give me my morning treatment, I was missing Corn 1.  There was a small dip in my pad where Corn 1 was, there's still a small corn like substance in there, but when Devin pinched my pad on either side, it felt pretty mushy.

Corn 2
More and more each day, Devin can lift that one up and away from my pad.  Patience is needed with that corn.  After all it hasn't been around as long as Corn 1.

Photos from the past few days and today:
I got mail!  More corn treatment from Lori in the UK
Devin thought this was a good idea
Oh how I humour you Devin...
 I did some shredding the other day - After trying to steal a few papers on Devin, Devin grabbed from my secret stash of newspapers from hall closet and gave me a small section to play with

I think i'm done now...
big bed allll to myself last night. Or so i thought...
 Surgery today -

Waiting for Lambie to come out from surgery...
waiting can be so painful sometimes... Airplane ears
Lambie is that you???
Checking out the toy chest - i only ever grab things from there when Devin is getting ready to go out.
Back to Lambie..
Nibbling on Dragon when I hold Lambie down
 CORN Photo update:

Corn 1 - hole in pad
Corn 2
Corn 2
Corn 2
Corn 1

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