Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tendon floss anyone?

This morning I woke up a few times and did the "shake shake" "stare" "shake" routine. Each time I'd wander back to bed, Devin let this go a couple of times, then got up with me.  At some point in the wee hours of the morning I left a mini gift for Devin on the living room floor.

Devin was impressed by the lack of things I "tossed up".  When I was on my Kibble, I'd "toss up" bile and food - leaving a good sized mess behind me.

This morning there was just a bit of bile along with a hollowed out chicken bone (so Devin thinks it was a chicken bone. When it was pinched between the fingers it collapsed into pieces), a few pieces of dried liver and what looks to be chicken skin.
(clockwise) Top - Chicken skin 
3'oclock - dried liver treats?
6 o'clock - Chicken bone? Devin broke it, not much to it

We organized ourselves and went outside for a walk. I ran right up the stairs, and off we went. I tracked down every tiny blade of grass I could find to eat.

Devin is completely amazed with my poop.  It has never been this good.
Very formed, firm, and quite small compared to my Kibble poops.
Devin said if it had to be related to something in size, it might just be the size of a standard hotdog. 1.5 pcs of hotdog.

On our way back in from the morning walk, Devin saw a nice spot of grass I could graze on. We walked over and I had a pre breakfast buffet of greens.

Once inside Devin step up my dining area.  It didn't take me long to figure out what the laying down of the plastic was all about.
I'm here, are you ready??
Devin was surprised by my eating style this morning.  I stood there for a moment trying to pick up the pieces of chicken.  I'd attempt to pick it up, drop it, lick it, attempt again, drop it, lick it.  Devin asked me if I was okay, and if I wanted the chicken. Apparently I didn't seem interested in my food.

I did the above a few times before laying down beside my dish. I then leaned over managed to get out a piece and went to work. I wasn't chomping on it like I was in the CHICKEN EATING OLYMPICS.   Instead today I took my time, Savoring the fine dining.

I'd like to point out that perhaps I enjoyed myself a little more this morning as I didn't have the reality TV video camera watching my every move.


I didn't give Devin any heart pounding moments this morning. Just slowly enjoyed my meal.

Devin did gave me my corn treatment, then brushed my teeth for me.  It was then Devin had a minor panic moment. I tell ya, first time parents want to rush you to the vet for EVERYTHING.  If I ever get a brother or sister I will have broken Devin in for them! haha

Devin thought I had a piece of plastic wedged in between my teeth.  A bit of pulling didn't do anything to get it out. Devin worked and worked at it. I was patient for sometime letting Devin work at getting this "plastic" piece out from between my teeth.  A few times I lifted my front teeth to let Devin know I had enough with the poking and picking. I was told no, Devin left me alone for a minute then went back at it. repeat actions on both are parts.  
Pardon me, Is there something in my teeth??
Oh bother.....
Yup, there's really something in there!
Finally Devin had enough sense to email Karen (Camp greyhound) to see what could be done to help me.   Karen was super greyt in helping out.  She confirmed that it was a tendon and to use tweezers or small needle nose pliers and to give it a pull.  Devin was a bit reluctant to do this, thinking I might react poorly to the method (Oh ye of little faith).   Nothing to lose though, out came the needle nose pliers, Devin gave it a soft pull and it slipped right out.  Mini crisis over.
Poor quality - Tendon floss

So that was my excitement for the morning. A little while later Devin and I went to town to pick up 3 big bags of chicken legs.  Once back home, Nana came over to help weigh, bag, and label the chicken. I was no fool,  I knew what was going on this time. I wandered into the chicken a few times, Devin told me "out of the kitchen", I went back into the living room and slowly made my way around the kitchen table...I thought I was being stealth but Nana and Devin spotted me right away. I causally went back into the living room and got up on the couch, with my head hanging over the arm.  I couldn't get a good view of the kitchen happenings from there, so I made my way into the hallway and laid down there.

I spy with my little eye...CHICKEN!!!!!

After all the chicken bagging excitement Devin had to take out the carpet cleaner and clean up my feeding area from yesterday and my "toss up" from last night.
All is back in order on the homestead.  

Being a bit on the antisocial side, hanging out in the bedroom this afternoon. It's cold and dreary outside, what's a guy to do?


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