Thursday, December 6, 2012

Another mini update

I finally asked Devin to go outside around 1500hrs, that seems to be my usual time these days.

We walked the big loop, I ended up having a poop (hey i rhymed! hehe), it was still loose so Devin emailed Karen to see what we should do next.  Devin opted for the lightly cooked beef as a meal option for me.
How i spent my mid-morning/afternoon
zz z z z z
Devin had to leave for a bit so I was given my KONGS with a few pieces of chicken and yogurt frozen in there.  I was beyond excited to see my KONG towel come out. I was bouncing all over the place.
Nana came by just before Devin arrived home, she cleaned up my KONGS for me and found that I ate 2 out of the 3 KONGS.

 Devin had stopped by the grocery store on the way home and picked me up a few flats of extra lean beef. Karen suggested that Devin cook it up very lightly for me.

Supper!!! 10 oz of goodness
nom nom nom!
Nana was reading the flyers, she asked me if I wanted to read some too. I snatched the flyers and went to my bed. :)

Devin has to go up to Mississauga tomorrow for an appointment, Melissa is going to go up with Devin. That means we are having a sleepover tonight!
Devin also decided that it might be best if I went along with them on the road trip. Nana was going to stop in to check on me but Devin said it would be okay, that I'm a good traveler. Besides, Nana has to work tomorrow night, and with the change in my food, Devin would like me to be with someone while this transition happens.  Melissa is going to hangout with me while Devin is at the appointment.  We have greyt friends!

That's it for now!

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