Monday, December 24, 2012

Santa's little helper - Christmas Arts N' Crafts

Devin worked nights this weekend.  I gave Nana a Christmas miracle; I went outside with her when she came over the other night.    After Nana gave me my KONG and went home for the evening, I went to work on my Christmas Arts n' Crafts for Devin.  
Arts n' Crafts

 I feel like I'm losing my touch. I think I need a different medium to work with.  These toilet paper rolls are getting a bit boring.   I gave it a chomp, tore off a few tiny pieces of TP and left it there.  I needed a nap, I was hoping that would give me the inspiration I needed to go on.   One nap turned into two, three, four, and before I knew it Devin was home from work.

Today Devin slept a couple of hours then we hit the road for some running around.  We had a parcel to send out and I had an appointment with the Lovely Gina.  She trimmed up my nails for me.  I had a bit of a fussy moment when she worked on my Corn 1 foot.  After it was all over with she gave me yummy cookies, all was forgotten.  Gina also gave me a gift that I can't have until Christmas morning.

After leaving Gina's we went over to Melissa's for a bit.  Melissa and Sherry picked me up a stunning "helper hat".
Santa's little helper
le sigh - who's idea was this??

 I had another regression moment while at Melissa's today.  I made myself comfy in the twins "nest".  Things were too wild for a moment, so I tucked myself away in their nest to get away.  The twins are nice to share with me and to give me some space when I'm in there. They walk up, sniff from afar, and then walk away.

hangin' out in the twins condo

 After visiting with Melissa we went over to Nana's to pick up the acorn squash. 
Checking out Nana's snowbanks
shake shake shake
Devin is on acorn squash duty tomorrow.  Nana has the rest of the meal covered.  Anyway, while we were there, one thing led to another and Devin wandered off to the "recovery bed" for a snooze.  I stayed out on the couch for a bit, then wandered in and snuggled up with Devin for the better part of the afternoon.  Oh, I love post night shift cuddles!
Just the boys
Ok, you watch that way, and I'll keep an eye on the other way

Rye-Lee getting into the festive season. 

Just another quick reminder Santa, that I've been a really good boy this year. 
Rubber Chickennnnnn


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