Sunday, December 30, 2012

Weekend in review -photo style

I did a lot of snoozing, and a little bit of socializing.

Post corn treatment
Snow outside our bedroom window
Enjoying a snooze in the sunlight
Doing sniffs in the snow
claimed the couch - slept on the couch for part of the night before retiring to the bedroom
Stole a spot in the twin's crate
napped on the futon - Melissa got me a pillow to snooze on
keeping my nose warm
Devin tried to get me to go outside.  I got as far as having my coat put on me, then I went inside the crate in protest. I snoozed there for a bit before Devin bribed me out of the crate and took my coat off for me.
Nana brought by a water bottle for Devin, there was a breast cancer ribbon on it.  I'm showing my support
Got up in a hurry when Nana came over. My socks flew off my feet
Sliding off my bed
Went over to Nana's for a post supper visit.  Rye-Lee and I waiting for snacks!
Watching Nana get the coffee ready for the morning
Devin picked up the guitar tonight. This was probably about the 5th time (if that) that Devin has played the guitar since I came to live here.  When Devin looked over at me, I was curled up with my paw on my face.
z z z z z

Protest or enjoyed my private concert so much I fell asleep.  The verdict is still out.
sleepy smiles - z z z
 I get Nana time tomorrow and the next day.  Devin is back to work.


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