Saturday, December 1, 2012

The greyt Chicken Olympics - back on...

Photos of me while my chicken was being bagged earlier today:

The Watcher
Alll mineeee muahahahahahaha hahahaha
My antisocial nap time -
Snoozin' before supper
Tonight, before dinner we went for a walk.  Devin had to con me into going out, but once I was out there I was fine. 

I had another tiny poop. This time it was a tiny bit softer than previous ones. Devin also felt a hollowed out bone in there too, along with what felt like the end of a drumstick.

Once back from our walk, Devin setup my dining area again.  I was super excited for supper. Devin asked me to sit, I started to lay down, then sat. Devin asked me to lay down, I laid down and my food was put down for me.  Too many commands for me! I just wanted to eat.

First up:
DRUMSTICK!  It was on like Donkey Kong!
I gobbled up that piece so fast I didn't even really give it a chomp. I started to choke, Devin came over to me and helped to massage my throat. I was still in the process of trying to clear it from my throat, in no time it popped up and landed on the floor. I sniffed it and left it guessed it, the carpet!  I went over to my bowl and picked up the other piece and started going to town on that, only this time I actually chewed it before attempting to swallow.  Devin picked up the drumstick and lightly tossed it in my bowl. I thought for maybe a second that Devin was coming to take my food away, i hightailed it off my dining area and made a break for the kitchen.  Devin called me back, i did eventually move back onto the plastic. Devin told me I was a good boy.  After chewing up the other half, i went back to the drumstick; only this time I took a bit of time chewing it.
where the drumstick landed
Drumstick - post choke
Going back for seconds...

No more excitement for tonight.

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