Thursday, December 6, 2012

Update on my sickies

Yesterday was uneventful for me.  My day went something like this:
700am - 1 cup of chicken broth with chicken pcs
715am -  outside for my morning walk, just pees, Met up with Nana and Rye-Lee along the way. He barked at me, I walked away from him.

Rye-Lee looking like he's about to take flight
Gettin' pats from Nana
900am - Devin took me along to get the oil change done in the truck. 
Getting ready to head out for the oil change
1016am - about 2 cups of broth and chicken pcs
1046am - 1 cup of broth 1/4 cup of chicken pcs half cooked
131pm - 2 cups of broth and 1/2 cup chicken pcs (still no pooping)
507pm - 6 oz of chicken slightly cooked, 1 cup of broth
530pm - went outside for a pee, still no poops
646pm - Devin made up my KONGS for tomorrow (chicken pcs and yogurt) I got to lick out the bowl

Devin tried to get me to go outside but I just didn't want nor did I need to.  Nana took me out just before supper for a long pee.
Roaching, feeling better...
This morning at 330am, I woke Devin up with a set of cries. We raced outside together.  I had a super long pee and eat a bunch of grass, still no poops.  We walked our morning "work route" and came back home.  

We went back to bed until 7am; Devin didn't see me beside the bed and smelled something funny.
I was out in the living room just relaxing on my bed.  False alarm. 

Devin made me some breakfast - 2 cups of broth and about 12oz of chicken; semi cooked. I gobbled that up like there was no tomorrow.   Then off to bed I went.  Devin gave me my foot treatment and tossed on my socks while I snoozed.  My feet have been hurting me lots lately, mainly Corn 2.  Corn 1 looks to be kind of back, but not, hard to tell. there's a dot, but not sure if that's scarring or not.  Corn 1 is still being treated.

Nothing too exciting, but after the other day, it's okay that it's quiet around here.


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