Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Dear Santa - THANK YOU!!!!

T'was the morning of Christmas and all through the house...
z z z
Z Z Z...
Devin woke me up to have breakfast. 
Breakfast- Christmas morning
Shortly after breakfast Devin found my stocking that Santa left for me!!!  Santa came through!!!!

Rubber Chicken!!!!
Weeeee weeeeweeeee
Anything else inside? 
Thank you Santa!
Had to take a nap after playing on a full tummy
While I napped, Devin went to work on cooking up some veggies to bring over to Nana's for supper tonight; and laundry was also tended to.  Once Devin finished all that, we went over to Nana's for a visit.  You'll never guess what happened??   Santa stopped off at Nana's too!!!

Papa George, Do you need help with your stocking??
Devin? Nana? time to open your stockings
Oh, what's going on over there??
More Christmas gifts???
Unwrapping my gift
Another Chicken??
Oh my goodness it is!!!!
Rubber chicken!!!!
Taking a break - thinking about picking up Chicken...juussst outta my reach
Just... a ..bit...more.. I ..can...maybe...reach...  Help?
Ice cube break
Oh, what's in the box Nana?
Errr maybe from this side
hmm..maybe if i tip it...
Hellooo ooo ooo in thereee eee
Helping Nana with her gifts
Chicken break, complete with ice cube
So tired, needed a nap.  I love you Nana
Nana has the best nap time thigh
Napping while Nana talks on the phone with Auntie Shelley
Nana moved, I stretched out with Chicken

bit of a lazy chew...
Double pawin Chickens
Another ice cube break
Ice cube drool
Ice cube coma
The icicles on the garage
Christmas Miracle with Rye-Lee :)

 After our exciting day at Nana's I came home and curled up on my bed.  Home Sweet Home.
Post corn treatment - chicken and socks :)
 I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.  XO


Video 1 - Stocking at home     Video 2 - Stocking/gifts at Nana's.

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