Monday, December 3, 2012

Chicken coma's

Last night Nana came over just before Devin served up dinner.  She sat on the couch, watching from a distance while I chomped my food.  I took my time last night, I didn't try to gobble anything down whole.

After dinner, I went into my post chicken coma. I curled up on my bed and went to sleep.  Devin tried to get me to go outside many times last night, I couldn't be bothered.

Chicken induced sleep:
old friends new again...
my new thing - i like to rest my feet up against the wall.
Yeah, uhm.. i'll pass on going outside.
I woke up at around 530am this morning. I paced a few times, and couldn't settle.  I finally went out to the living room and started to "yak".  Devin came running and steered me to the kitchen floor.  I threw up the small end of the drumstick, a bit of bile and a blade of grass.  I felt much better doing that.

After all that excitement, Devin dressed me up and off we went for our morning walk. 

Poop this morning was MUCH better compared to yesterday.  It was loose, but formed.  Devin said No more laughing cow cheese wedges to get my pill down.  I'm back to the old fashion way.

Once back home, I had breakfast (14.9oz of quarter chicken leg) Devin had to redirect me on to my plastic only 2 times.
 1) when I first picked up the chicken from my bowl, i was looking for a nice place to eat.
2) I tried to swallow a piece that was a little too big for me to swallow (not the drumstick part this time). I walked around the ottoman Devin followed me, I managed to bring it up without a problem, Devin then got me back on my plastic. I laid there chewing the remainder of my breakfast.

Paparazzi showed up this morning while I ate my breakfast: 

After breakfast, Devin brushed my teeth and gave me my corn treatment complete with the socks routine.
I think I'll just cuddle up on my bed with my friends and call it a morning.

Check back in a few days!

Nana comes over tonight, not sure if I'll feel like going out, but it's always nice to have that company.


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