Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow, the new sand. Exteme Couponing

Nana's been coming over for visits. When she comes over she brings me the newspaper to read. I've been greeting her at the door, snatching the paper and running into the hallway to start (sh)read(d)ing.

My corns have been bothering me lots lately.  Devin ordered 4 new Thera Paw boots from GEM this evening. They will be shipped out in the morning.  Hopefully they don't take too long to arrive. The boots I have now are pretty well worn out.  Lots of miles in those puppies!

Devin gave me one of my Christmas presents early (tonight).  After my corn treatment Devin put on these SUPER long socks.  They were NO rubber chickens, but they get the job done.

Devin and I went to the OSPCA (i stayed in the truck) yesterday to drop off some of my gently used toys, few blankets and Canadian Tire money. Trying to make a difference.

We stopped in and hung out with Melissa after our travels. After being inside the house for a bit, I found my way into the twins double length crates.  Ah, how I've missed the familiarity of the crate.  I curled up in a ball and had a mini snooze.  Devin managed to get me out of the crate at one point, Melissa closed the door behind me.  Once the bribe was done, I walked around the dinning room table, and used my nose to open the crate door, in I slid.   Devin and Melissa didn't see any harm in me going inside there to relax.  When the twins came in from outside, they came by the crate to check things out. They kept their distance, and went off to get into mischief. 

Not much else new in these parts.  Nana comes by this weekend to check on me as Devin has to work.

Hmm... Snow - as fast as it comes lately its washed away by the rain. :(
I met Nana at the door. She brought me the newspaper to read :)
On my way to hang out with the twins
Regression.  I made myself comfy in the twins double crate.
Hanging out by the Christmas tree at Mel's
Extreme couponing. I tried my best to "nip and save".  Think they will accept this?
Watching the twins
Back in the crate
Dinner by the Christmas tree
Christmas came early. Devin gave me my new socks. They are SUPER long.
eeeep these socks are swallowing me up!

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