Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nana saved my life today AND slippers!

Thank goodness for Nana. She came over for a visit today while Devin was at work. She poked her head into the bedroom and found me laying up on the big bed curled up with Devin's jogging pants.

She did her usual KONG cleaning and dropped treats in my bowl for me. I took longer than usual making my way down the hall to get to my bowl for my treats. Nana looked and came running to my rescue. I somehow managed to get my hind leg and neck caught up in the drawstring on the jogging pants. The draw string was wrapped around my hind leg and up around my neck. Nana told me to hold on and went to work freeing me.

How embarrassing was that? The joggers were removed from me and then were pitched into the spare room and placed behind a closed door. Thank you Nana! After Nana left for home I had a bit of a wild party. Sheepie and Frog were tossed to either side of my KONG towel. I got bored with them and decided I needed to add more into the mix. Nana picked up some slippers for Devin this Christmas. I saw them on the floor in the bedroom and I hadddddd to try them out.
slipper madness
slippers? who? me? nope. Not sure what you're talking about Devin.

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