Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sick boy..

Devin came home from work this morning to find me crying at the door as the door handle turned to open.
My nose was rubbed raw and the place smelled like poop and sickies.
poor nose
 Devin was horrified to see my nose in its raw state.  A few steps into the living room area showed a terrible mess.  Devin said, Oh no Milo...I'm sorry buddy.. Let's get outside. 
We went for a walk, my tummy was still very upset and exploded from the southern end. several times :(

We eventually made it home, Nana wasn't too far behind. She came over to give Devin some moral support while the sickies were cleaned up.  Out came the carpet cleaner, I wandered into the bedroom and curled into a little ball. Devin covered me up with a blanket, and there I stayed in there for a while.
I don't feel so good Devin....
  I made my way out to my bed in the living room, I curled up into a tight little ball. Devin covered me up once again, I didn't budge from that position for a few hours.

Curled up in a tight little ball, under my lambie blanket

slowly branching out from my tight ball
Devin got in contact with Karen (camp greyhound) she suggested that I fast the morning, and to make me up some broth.  The chicken backs were simmered up until about noon, when Nana called to see how things were going.  I was given a cup of broth, that stayed down, an hour or so later I was given another cup of broth. I did good with that.
Near lunch time I began to perk up
mmm broth!
Devin asked me if I wanted to go outside, I wandered over to the door and went for a walk.  Lots of pees, but no poops.  Once back home and I made myself comfy on my bed. At around supper time Devin gave me another cup of broth, but this time I had some cooked up pieces of chicken in there.  After that I went back to my bed and relaxed.  Devin asked me if i wanted to go outside, we ended up going on a 30min walk.  I acted like I had to poop a few times, but stopped "curling up" as soon as I curled.

 When we got back from our walk I laid by my dish. Devin asked me if i wanted some more chicken broth. I perked right up.
waiting for some more broth
A little more broth with chicken pieces
Devin thinks that it was the laughing cow cheese that set my tummy on the downward spiral these past few days.  The pumpkin seemed to be the cake taker though.  Before my supper last night Devin gave me a glob of pumpkin to see if that would help my loose poops.

Devin stayed home from work tonight to be with me, unsure of how I was going to be feeling or what one might come home to in the morning, this was the better decision.

Low key night here, back on my bed.

Thank you again Karen (camp greyhound) for helping Devin out today.


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