Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday run at the park

Since starting my new diet I have been content to get up a few times as morning approaches and wander right back to bed. These past few days Devin has been the one getting me up.  My how times have changed. *haha*

Last night Devin ALMOST forgot to give me my pill, I was very content and sleeping soundly, that Devin tried to wake me by calling my name and bringing a wedge of laughing cow cheese with my pill stuck inside. I was hesitant to eat it, but eventually did. 
Last night: Comfy spot. I've taken to laying on Rabbit and Grandpa Brian's pillow, while kicking my feet up on the portion of my bed.
So hungry, I laid down beside my bowl. Is someone going to get me my breakfast???
We went out for our morning walk before I was given my breakfast.  I had a not so classy moment this morning. I was sniffing something on the ground, when I gave Devin the look JUST before attempting to drop down on it.  Devin caught me in time, I only managed to roll the neck of my jacket in someone else's poop.   When we got home Devin didn't take any chances and washed my face.   In went all my bedding and all my jackets for a wash.  That's one way to get clean laundry around here. :)

TMI: My poop was very loose this morning. Devin is thinking it is likely due to the cheese wedge I was given with my pill last night.  (also liquid at the park)

When we came back home it was time for breakfast. I got excited at the sight of the dining plastic being arranged on the floor.

I was given 14.9oz of a quarter chicken leg to eat.  The Chicken Olympics were back on again this morning.
I worked at breaking the drumstick free, tried to swallow that whole, then tossed it back up whole and went for it again.  I tried to run on to my bed, Devin steered me back to the plastic.  I managed to eat my breakfast half on and half off the plastic this morning. Oh well, better than nothing. I'll get the hang of it yet.

After a post morning snooze and foot treatment, we went off to the PARK!!!!
Listening- getting ready to chase the ball!!
More sniffs
and more sniffs
and and and more sniffs
Time to go, more sniffs
I had a blast at the park.  When we arrived there was a boxer, doberman and a beagle.  The beagle stuck by my side. The other two played around with each other.  The beagle and I did sniffings and ran after the ball. 

After everyone left, I did more sniffings until the rain started up.
Devin and I ran for the truck.  I didn't want to get into the truck, Devin said "Milo, are you serious?" I looked at the beach area.  Off we walked down to the beach.
Can't go to the park without going to the beach!

Too cold for a dip today!
The water didn't look inviting at all!
snoozing on the way home...
That's it for now,


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