Saturday, December 8, 2012

Road trip

Yesterday I went with Devin and Melissa up to Mississauga.  Devin and an appointment and decided it would be best if i went along for the ride; given the fact that my tummy hasn't been completely in order these days, Devin felt better having me around someone in case I had to go "out".

We loaded ourselves in the car around 4am, I didn't waste anytime getting comfy.  Devin brought my pillow and blue bunny for me to rest on.
Okay, where we going today?  It's early!
blurry - can't a guy get some uninterrupted shuteye??

 We stopped in Port Hope to fuel. Devin and Melissa took turns letting me stretch my legs. We wandered around the grass; when a women rolled down her window and wanted to know if I was a Lurcher.  Devin said nope, that I'm a greyhound.  The women said that she has a Lurcher at home, and was wondering. :)
Nice sweet lady, she was full of compliments too.  Some days it's rough being ridiculously good looking. *haha*

We arrived in Mississauga a few hours too early for the appointment. Devin thought that maybe I'd like to go shopping.  We went to a Pet Smart, I wandered around the aisles, we were stopped by several people asking questions about me, and wanting to know if they could pet me.  I got lots of pets and was told what a great looking guy I am. *shucks*
Wandering the aisles - nothing really appealed to me today.  A few squeaky toys, but my interest in those were limited. I'm holding out for a chicken.  MAYBE Santa will bring me a chicken for Christmas???
Back in the car - z z z
We still had time to burn before the appointment.  Melissa "googled' and found a dog park.  GPS located and off we went!  When we got there, there were at least 15 other dogs.  All difference sizes and shapes.  One dog named "Jake" wouldn't leave me alone.  He tried to show me who was boss but I set him straight. He just followed and sniffed from a distance after that.
Jake stalking me
Jake being nice and just following me around
We stayed there for a little bit, I chased after a ball through the mud a few times, but that was short lived.
Devin and Melissa both laughed and said, that was quite the ride to get to a dog park (we drove 4.5hrs this morning).

TMI: I pooped once yesterday - It was much darker than the previous (squash coloured) day. It was also more formed.  Not by much, but a small improvement from the previous day.

Resting my head on the armrest
z zz out for the count
 I'm a greyt traveler!  I cried a few times, but quickly settled. I went from napping on Blue Bunny, to my pillow.  All in all, I had a good day.   When we arrived home, Devin cooked up my dinner. I had 10oz of very lightly cooked extra lean beef.  I was still looking for more, but Devin only gave me that much.

Saturday 8 December 2012 -
Devin got up and steered me outside at around 7am.  I only went for pees.  Once back in the house, Devin cooked me up some breakfast.  This morning I was given 14oz of beef!!  Can you say, Heaven!??
I gobbled that up, had a drink of water, went back to my bowl to clean it out., then drank up a bit more water.  After breakfast I went to lay on my bed, but looked all weird, Devin asked me what the matter was, I walked over to another area and laid down beside Frog.
Post breakfast naps
I had a full belly and needed to burp. Devin thought I was going to be sick on my bed, that's why I went to the carpet area.

Devin took advantage of me laying where I was and gave me my corn treatment; AND brushed my teeth. I was more excited about the teeth brushing than I was about the corn treatment. My corns have been super sensitive lately.  :(

Morning nap - friends watch on, Bunny cuddling me with an ear


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