Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Morning News

This morning Devin spoke with Bill (gracanada), in regards to my nasties with Nana.  He advised Devin to have a thyroid panel completed.  He said that if my thyroid is off any, that could cause me to be acting the way I have been. He said that he'd hate to see me have to go back to gracanada. Devin was VERY quick to say that that would NOT be happening ever.  Bill told Devin to keep him informed with what's going on.

After speaking with Bill, Devin booked me in for an appointment with Dr. Janet on Monday at 845am. Devin will need to change that to Tuesday if at all possible.  Working the weekend of 12hr nights and driving as far as we have to for my appointment, it's not good. 

Devin also called Shannoncourt to see if they do home visits.  She said that they stopped doing those a few years back... We will see what the blood work comes back as and go from there with our "training".

On our walk this morning we stopped by Nana's for a visit. I followed my nose which lead me to the hall closet. I've never gone over to that closet before.  Nana said that my birthday present was in there, and it was a smell that I'm used to.  I went to the closet a few times and pawed at the door trying to open it.  No luck. *phewy*
Laying in the hallway - by the closet. Is it my birfday yet???
*stealing the news paper*
Mission accomplished!
Nom nom nom  News paper!!!!!!!
darn camera flash!
Time out.    Slurp slurp
Nap time
 Back home...
Devin pulled out the antler from my toy box for me. That kept me entertained for a few minutes.  I was kinda tired to sit up and gnaw.
lazy antler chew
Devin had to leave this evening for a little bit.  After my KONGS i found my way to the big bed and crashed out.


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