Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sometimes, they swim back up stream

Tonight for supper Devin surprised me with some yummy sardines!

 Devin mixed the fishies around in my food for me, I took my time licking the pieces of food in my bowl before swallowing them back.
nom nom nom nom nom
I chased my supper with a nearly a full bowl of water.  I wandered into my nest and plopped down. *BURP*   They swam back up on to my pillow :( 

Good thing I have Grampa Brian's old pillow. It's one of those plastic coated ones.  Devin was able to wipe things down and put a clean pillowcase down on it for me.   Devin you're the greytest!  Thank you!
*burp* clean pillowcase :)
bored of shreddin'....
Le sigh ~ enough Devin?~
 This evening Nana came over again for a little visit.  I had fun shredding some paper while she was here.
We went for a nice little walk.  The breeze was MUCH cooler than what it was hours ago when we were out last.  I like the Autumn type weather.

Not much to report on again tonight.  Devin had to run into town for a bit today, I was left in the nice a/c here at home.   Not sure what tomorrow will bring, but as long as we get to hang out I'll be happy.


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