Monday, September 24, 2012

Dear Nana - Things that make you go grrrrrrrrr

Tra la la - heading home for supper.  Nana is coming over to give me my bedtime treatment.
 Dear Nana:

Thank you for taking me to see Gina today. Also, thank you Gina for clipping my nails and giving me my corn treatment. 

I wouldn't say this was the worse day of my life, but tonight could have gone a little better between us. I'm sorry that I'm still trying to show you that I happen to think that I'm the boss of you; when I'm not.  Devin had to intervene for a moment, you did a great job at bouncing back quickly.  I know I'll respect you more  once you get that "Mother growl" down pat.  Right now, I think I sound more scary then you do.  I hate to brag, but I kinda proved it when you jumped back.  Devin did assure you that with my muzzle on i can't bite you (again).  Once bitten, twice shy. You're one brave Nana! 
Even when I was purring (aka growling) like a jungle cat and staring off, you stood your ground. I respected you for that and after a bit I did stop with my deep low growling Nana, right? 

I'm not going to make excuses for my behavior, okay, maybe just one.  My toes are very tender, and I even jerk my feet away from Devin at times.  I do apologize for my actions this evening.  We just have to build up this trust thing between us.

I guess after this evening, this means I'll be heading back to see Gina tomorrow, eh?  Devin did say that you'd come over in the evenings to do nightly treatments so I'd get used to you touching me.   See you tomorrow Nana!

Milo xo

Post snips/growls/yips/teeth
nose is stuck on my muzzle - teef showing
Yeah, I'm not sure Nana....
Nana gave me my chicken afterwards to work my upset out on
Sad day - Chicken has passed on


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