Monday, September 3, 2012

A Conversation Between Two Friends...

So tell me again what happened to you this morning??

I'll back it up to when Devin came home this morning.  Devin found me on my bed again, while the big bed was a complete mess.  My bad, I was working on another nest and just couldn't give comfy.
nest building skillz

Devin convinced me to get up and join the day.  I made it out into the hallway and did a HUGE stretch.
We went for our morning walk around the block and into the field.  I had a wonderful time.  Once I did what I had to do, I was full of pee and vinegar.  Devin would give me little scratches on the center of my back and I'd go crazy wanting to get into a zoomie.  We made it back to the apartment, I was in a full out run up and down the hall. (insert video here)

I was beyond excited for breakfast this morning and had a little energy to burn before going back to sleep.
Once my hall zoomies were over with, I tore into the house stopping in the "food room", full brakes were put on, then I flew out down the hall and stood by my bowl waiting for Devin to bring my food to me.  Devin took too long getting things in there, so I went in to check on stuff.  That's when Devin noticed there was drops of blood on carpet.  Devin followed them out to my bowl; i was given a check over. Devin couldn't find anything on my pads.  I was ALMOST given my breakfast when Devin checked me again, only to find this time that I managed to cut my pad pretty bad :(

Chicken, can I tell you what the terrible part of all this was???

Devin placed my FULL breakfast bowl on the counter, and went down the hall to the "evil closet" (Evil because that's where my ear drops come out from), and out came the first aid kit, I wanted nothing to do with whatever Devin was bringing out to me.  I slinked off wanting to go into my nest (door was closed), i tried to get between the couch and the nest (not so successful), I even went as far as to go lay down on the hard  kitchen floor to try to get away.  Devin told me to "come here", I did eventually got up and gave it a lot of thought.  My eyes were darting from Devin, to the counter, to my food dish area, this went on for a minute or so.  Finally I complied with Devin's request, I guess my bleeding pad took precedence over breakfast. *hmpft*    For the record - I think Devin's priorities are messed up sometimes.
getting patched up
blood drops
blood trail down the hall
After breakfast we went off to bed, I tried to get comfy with that weird thing on my foot. It took a bit, but I did eventually crash out for a few hours.   Apparently I woke Devin up, I was crying in my sleep.  I don't remember what I was dreaming about, but I'm sure it probably had something to do with my breakfast being withheld.

So that's what happened this morning. I'm not sure how I cut my foot. Devin suspects maybe while I was running, but my nails are trimmed back. I dunno.....

Thanks for listening Chicken


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