Monday, November 28, 2011

Another Day In The Life....

Today has been much the same as yesterday.  We got up at 0649hrs on the dot, had breakfast, pill then went went back to bed.  We got around 8 or 9 then went out for our morning walk.  We're still doing the old route. I like that one. 

Last night we stopped by Nana's house and she came along for a walk with us.  Nana just about walked past me, but i nudged her and got some lovin'. I think Nana was just seeing what I'd do if she ignored me.  Silly Nana.

Crashed out on my bed last night
z z z z

 Devin woke me up this morning. This is how i was found laying on my bed; half on and half off.

After our morning walk, I laid outside my "nest".  For the past few days we have been doing "target touch" training.  I was waiting!

Our training session was a success.  I just about have the command "lay down" figured out.  Each time Devin asked if of me, I found space on my folded up blanket and laid myself down. 
Smart Cookie I am!

Back to the night shift routine. Nana is coming over tonight to take me out. 
Devin said it's going to be a long week and weekend.  6 out of the 7 days are going to be spent at work.
Good thing they picked up my KONGS yesterday!
AND I have my Nana for company. :)


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