Sunday, November 13, 2011

Big City Life - Dog Park and Snuggly Covers

 First order of business.  The GREYT Milo STRIKES AGAIN!
When Devin came home from work on Friday morning I left two wonderful surprises.

See below photo:

The long awaited (almost a month) light blue piece of baseball cap clasp and more (dark blue) piece of the PB cookie jar lid

After Devin caught a quick nap we loaded up the car and hit the road:

"All our bags are backed and we're ready to gooooo"


Looking out the window - Next stop: BIG CITY!

Are we there??

Are we here??  time to get out??

Finally settled in. 

It was chilly - Angela covered me up
Z z z z

I had a wonderful weekend in the big city.   Devin took me to the dog park a few times a day.
I've learned how to somewhat socialize with other dogs. I even joined in a game of chase.  I scared Devin as I "play" growled at someone.  It was all in fun.   

Strange animal encounters.  Squirrels and flocks of birds don't really phase me much. I stand there staring in sort of an awe state.  I had a squirrel approximately 1 foot away from me and all I did was wander around the tree; then it flew up the side of the tree.   Flocks of birds too..I've walked up to pigeons and they all flew/dispersed near my face.  Meh, my days of chasing small things are over.

Watching a squirrel

Elevator ride

Late night play at the park

action shot

Happy Boy

Didn't take long to find this spot

Z z z z
I like me some neck support :)

z z z z

Oh so comfy

Back on my bed

z z z z

Model Pose 1 - Elevator ride *again*

Found me a toy in the park!

Jackpot!   I found this ball and wouldn't put it down.  I meandered around with it and even "relieved"  myself with it in my mouth. NO WAY I was putting this grety find down!

still not wanting to drop the ball

dropped the ball (finally)


My new squeaky stuffie that Angela picked up for me.

Naps :)

On the road again....

z z z .. Devin muttered something about me needing to learn how to drive. "must be nice to sleep nearly 4 hrs straight"

*flip flop switch*  comfy :)

Almost home....

When we arrived home Nana came by shortly there after. We went over to JP's house to visit with him, Yo, and Nan.  JP is going to take me out tomorrow and even take me over for some playtime/hangout time with Nan.  I have a play/social date Monday and Tuesday with them.  Nana and Devin are both working Days those days. 
While i was over at JP's I stepped around Nana and decided his house plant needed some watering *my bad*   JP said it was okay, the plant needed some watering anyway.
JP was ready to keep me over night. Devin said we could work up to that.   

Devin had asked for tips on how to get me to listen. JP said it will come in time; and that Devin will be rewarded several times over when it does happen.   Devin had to be reminded that it really hasn't been all that long since we started living together.   In due time. :)

I feel like there is so much to talk about but i can't think of it all right now. 
Just as well, it's getting late and we need to get ready for tomorrow.


PS  I was left alone for an hour or so the first night.  When they arrived home I left a hat on the floor for them. No damages though.

Saturday while I was left unattended I managed to steal an eye glass, open it up, chewed it.

All in all, what I could have done, that was pretty mild :)

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