Friday, November 25, 2011

Shannoncourt + Behaviorist = Excellent Investment

What a busy day today!

Last night I was anti going outside; Devin decided to leave me be.
Crashed out in my bed

(movie quote) Sometimes...when I get nervous....   I put my nose in Devin's sleeve.  z z z z
 We got up at about 0500hrs this morning and went outside.  After I had my breakfast and pill I went back to bed.  I had some cuddle time with Devin.

After we stole a couple hours of sleep we went on our morning walk.  We decided to take the old route. I do enjoy that one over the walk down the strip.  Less distractions... It's nice and quiet.
What's left of the white stuff....

We swung by the park real quick.  I like smelling the trees and sniffing around.
Playing shy

Almost got me

uhm, nope

on we went....

We were running short on time this morning.  Devin rushed me through the baseball field.  It seemed like we had somewhere we needed to be.

We stopped off at home just long enough for Devin to grab a shower throw a protein (mmmm protein powder) shake together and hit the road.  
Off we went to Shannoncourt.
Napping in the car

 When we arrived at Shannoncourt with about 15mins to spare.  Shannon had us wait in the "office".
I roamed around there checking things out.  It was a pretty chill (as in neat) place.  I had a bed there for me to lay on.
action photo- checking things out

Is she coming back??
Checking out the bed

Are we done???
Stood still for a moment
Red chair!!!


 I kept pacing by the red chair.  Devin came over to check things out.  My interest was with an object under the chair.   Devin helped me out.   A SQUEAKER TOY!!!!





nom nom

more chomping

more chewing

oh yeah!

I need me one of these!

too fast

action photo

action photo

talk to the tail!

 Devin had to take the toy away from me shortly after Shannon came into the room. I managed to use my scissor teeth and chew off a piece of the "foot".   We didn't have to pay for that :D

What we learned today:

Something in Toronto must have scared me while I was alone. From that I generalized and have applied it to a lot of things.  Negative things manifest quickly, where positive experiences have to be shown over and over again for me (anyone) to get it.

I'm very smart, and I have low confidence. I need to be encouraged to know that I am doing what is expected of me. 

We did clicker training with Shannon.  She showed Devin what to do.  I was getting it, Devin was the one having a hard time administering the clicks properly with my actions.  When practice I know Devin will get better.  

We practiced "Target Touch".  Devin/Shannon would hold their hand to the side. I'd touch it with my nose. A click would be administered to let me know I did the right thing, followed by a reward (dried liver).
We did up, down, sides, far sides.  We did a technique to show me how to go my "mat/bed".  I was quick to catch on with that request.  As soon as i put my nose to the "mat/bed" i was rewarded.

Shannon did manage to have me sit at least once as well as lay down.  Devin was shown how to help me to achieve this.  With the sitting command though, Devin was told to not push back on my bum. With my grasshopper legs (Shannon's description) I'd just push back up with all my might and make that impossible.

We are going to practice target touch and keep up on it.   We are also going to look into taking obedient classes.  At some point we may even join the evening glasses of "sport".   I had a job for the first 4.5 years of my life.  These training sessions, maybe it be with just Devin and myself or classes with Shannon will give me that "job" I miss.

Shannon also told Devin to give me my KONG with kibble inside of it on the days Devin doesn't go to work. We are to do this for a month.  Shannon thinks that I may just be able to get off the Clomicalm.
Devin expressed upset over having to use "drugs" to keep me level.  Shannon reassured that if it helps with my quality of life, then it isn't a bad thing.

Back on the road, leaving Shannoncourt

Didn't take long for me to pass out in the car.

Devin brought me to Melissa's so I'd have some company while Devin took the truck in for an estimate.
I hung out there without any problems.  Melissa tried to MILO PROOF the stairs - I found my way upstairs to the second level. Melissa had to come and get me.    When Melissa went down to the basement the garbage and a kitchen chair was put in the doorway to prevent me from going down.
When Melissa got to the bottom of the stairs and turned around, she saw me standing next to her. Perplexed on how i managed to make it past the "milo gate", she went upstairs with me. She saw that I somehow managed to pull the kitchen chair back JUST ENOUGH to fit between that and the garbage.  I'm pretty sneaky and quiet when I do things...hehehe

Devin came back to find me laying on the futon

z z z

Angel and Me

Angel and Me

Melissa was making lunch. I thought this was a good place to lay down


Chillin' while Melissa makes lunch

trying to curl up ...z z z z

Milkbone!!!!  Angel and I were given one while Devin and Melissa had lunch

Oh so tired....

Devin and I came home so Melissa could get ready for work.   Once home, Devin cleaned up around our place.  Nothing is ever really out of place, but Devin likes things to be tidy.  We vacuumed up a couple canisters of my hair.  I'm still shedding; not nearly as bad as before.  

Once the house was cleaned to Devin's liking we did a session of "Target Touch".  I was right on spec with things.  I needed encouragement towards the end. At one point I ended up going into my crate a few times.  Confused by what was expected of me; I gave up.  Devin quickly got me out of there and encouraged me. I was back in the game! :)



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