Thursday, November 3, 2011

Milestone Today

Today I had a milestone...

While out on our morning walk I was walking with my head up. I generally look kind of lurker and shy when I walk.  Not today!   Maybe it was due to my greyt night sleep with my new blankets??

That's all really from me.  Devin is back on days tomorrow.  That means an early morning.  Off to bed.


Crashed out on my new and improved bed - I didn't toss and turn much if any at all last night

Morning walk - on a mission

holding my head up high(er)

Devin caught me mid-yawn

Holding head up high(er)

la la la

Head up

Oh yeah, confidence is building

Zonked out

z z z z

Love my new squishy blanket

Hiding my head (again)

Bunny hugs

Headless Milo

Waiting for supper...

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