Monday, November 7, 2011

Food Haul and Other Fun Things :)

This time change has me a bit messed up.  Devin and I need to find our groove again.
We went for our morning walk this morning. I felt like stretching my legs, Soooooo we walked and walked and walked.

We wandered down the main drag here, then back up around home. On our way home I stopped and let a little boy how was just about 2 heads taller than me pet me and talk to me.  After getting my attention fix we wandered down through the baseball diamond, then stopped by the "Penny's" before Devin turned me around to come home. 

We weren't home very long before I was asked "Are you coming?"  I went into hyper mode and slinked out of my "nest", following Devin around while things were gathered.

The purpose of our road trip was to pick up another bag of my food. I'm running a little low and we'll be heading out of town for the weekend. *yay*

While inside the store I was given plenty of attention.  Us Grey's can be "spoiled" at times.  The girl who works there asked if she could give me a treat (silly question:  FOOD + Milo= YES!!!).  I was given a dried piece of salmon. She asked me if i could sit, Devin said, Nope. But told the girl that I ate really well.  So she gave me the piece of salmon. Hehehe  Humans don't have to do tricks for their food. Why should I?? I'd like to add that I was gentle when I took the snack from her hand.

We roamed around the store looking at a few things.  I helped myself to any fuzzy toy in my path. 
The nice girl went and got my food for me.  We weren't sure if it was under my Name or Devin's.  The girl asked if it was the same kind "Nan" eats, we said yes. She knew exactly what to get :)

On our way to the counter to pay for my food I spotted me a Christmas Snake!!!  Devin was nice and picked it up for me.  The girl at the counter gave it a squeeze and I hopped right up with my two front feet on the counter top. She apologized for teasing me.  I was told I could play with my new toy once we got home. 

The ride home felt like an eternity.  We ended up popping my Nana's for a quick visit.  Rye-Lee and I shared in a snack, I drank up his shot bowl of water, laid around for a few moments then off we went to "home".

Devin had to "Milo safe" my toy for me. removing the Christmas hat and snake tongue.  Once those were gone it was a free for all.

*photos from my adventure today*

waiting for Devin to go to bed last night...

Not sure what is expected of me. I got into the truck. Now what?? (on our way home from the pet store)

Sitting :)

Pet store haul!

Listening to Devin talk

Getting ready to get out of the truck - At Nana's

Come on already!

Water shot bowl


It's a jungle in here!

Model Pose 1

In our usual spots

Model Pose 2
omg omg omg  nom nom nom greatness!!!

Squeaker never dies!!

Devin and I playing toss

Caught it in the air. I'm quick!

Just give it to me already!!!
The stare  Model Pose 3

Prancing with my new toy :) 


On a mission

Hi :)

Happy Boy
Panting Boy

Post "Milo Safe"

La la la  Look what I have.. La la la


Ice cube break!

Santa's little helper?

Refusing to give up. Can't..stop..playing...with...snake...

Keeping a hold on my new toy
Finally letting myself sleep - bodyguard(ing) my snake

Supastar sleep pose


Actually comfy - I was laying like this for about 5 or so minutes until Devin moved the car keys *hmpft*

z z z z z

Playing can be so exhausting!


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