Friday, February 24, 2012

Snow Storms and Academy Awards....

Passed out last night.....

Today Devin tried to teach me:
Not every time I take a shower Milo does it mean I'm going out.

It took me about 2 hours to feel completely comfortable with the idea that Devin wasn't going to head out.
I laid around on my sheepie blanket; just outside my nest. I kept a sharp eye on Devin.

Finally I retreated into my nest.  I'd like to make note here that I DID NOT pant or pace when Devin got dressed.  Baby steps.

My new trick is to come out of my "nest" when i'm called to "come" with a treat waiting for me.  The past while I'd lay in my nest either waiting for several treats to come my way or snacks to be dropped into my bowl.  The humans would have to hide too - out of sight, out of mind.  They'd always get me though JUST as i'd be finishing up my snack. 

No convinced that Devin is going to stay - hanging outside my "nest"

Frog makes nice pillow -

Thanks for turning off the flash Devin!

Z  z z  ....

NOM NOM NOM KONG TIME!   see ya Devin!

Devin went out this afternoon to run the roads with Melissa.  I was content to stay home with my KONGS.
When Devin came home we went outside for a stroll.  CRAZY WEATHER!
This morning it was clear, no snow, kinda on the warmer side.  This afternoon it was snowing so hard.

DRAMATIC AWARD 2012 goes to...... MILO!!!!
(clap clap, whistle, yayayayay!!!)

I still don't mind the snow. I had a severe case of the ZOOMIES!  upon take off i look like a Kangaroo firing off my hide legs.  Devin had to try and reel me in a few times.  On one of my last Zoomies, I YELPED and began to favour my rear left leg.  Devin picked it up to see what was going on.  Nothing visible to the eye, Devin told me I was alright and to try and walk it off.  I hobbled (you walk it off Devin!) quickly pulling my leg up into my body.  Devin was impressed with my walking on 3 feet abilities. I have tons of unknown talent! hehe

Devin picked up my leg again to take another look, still nothing, a few little piece of snow, but nothing to write home about.  Devin told me I was alright, and we kept walking. After about 10 steps I was perfectly fine.  :)
It's been awhile since I tapped into my dramatic side. 

Back home, supper was served.  I've been going between Devin's bed, my bed, and my "nest".
Feeling a bit like the princess and the pea today.


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