Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sometimes I Take One Step Forward and Two Steps Back....

We were late going this morning; this suited me just fine.  I'm feeling a little tired from all my "playing" at the park yesterday.  When I crashed last night I crashed hard!

We went over to Nana's for supper. I had a good little nap while I was there; well as good as a nap as one could have while "SOMEONE" kept flashing the camera at me. *when will this get old??? It's getting old for me!*

Nana gave Rye-Lee and I both snacks, Rye-Lee first; I know this keeps me in check with who the "alpha" of the house is.
*even though he sits on the back of the couch* ~his throne~

Nom nom nom Nana giving us snacks

I had a nutty moment. Wagging my tail to myself and flailing about

Rye-Lee and I giving our "blue steele" look

Time to kick the legs up! *zzzz*

Rye-Lee i'm sure questions my sanity.

resting on the corner of Nana's toes

Not sure what was going on with my eye here...

z  z z zz


Looking up at Papa George

Nana pats - z z  z
I sleep like Devin.. less drool though :)

Tuckered out from the park

After breakfast this morning I crawled into bed.

Devin LOVES when I do this. My feet up against the wall or doors, when I get twitching in my sleep i hammer out a nice beat.  hey I made a rhyme!!

 And here is where I took two steps back after taking one forward........

Devin removed the sheet from the top of my "nest". I looked like I did day one. Eyes all wide and wondering what the heck was going on.  Devin took it off to add to the laundry.  When Devin left to do laundry I did a countdown - all of .4566 of a second, then started up in hysterics.  Devin came right back in and put another sheet over top my "nest".  That didn't do anything, but Devin held ground and went off with the laundry. I cried the whole time.  Needless to say the next few times we went out together.  Such small changes can disrupt my life sometimes.

I've been keeping  a close eye on Devin -

quick distraction with toys..

Pardon the pumpkin in the corner - Devin needs to clean the carpets again. I'm a messy pumpkin eater!

Okay, maybe it's safe to lay down for a bit... Not going inside that "nest" though. I must be ready to bolt at a moments notice...

Some days are just harder than others...

Catching some sun

And back on "alert" sleep mode

Maybe I can squishy down into the carpet

Keeping an eye on Devin....

My interior designer needs to be fired. BROWN is my colour!  Le Sigh

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