Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Trigger Words...

Breakfast = get up and run from crate
Supper = get up and run from crate

Wanna go out = don't move from crate
Out = don't move from crate
Outside = don't move from crate

Move = Gets me up off Devin's bed, and or off my bed.

This morning when Devin got up to start our day, Devin said "we'll have some breakfast first" (which got me up and ALMOST out of my bed), "outside first though" triggered me back into lay down; rather quickly i might add.

Devin did manage to get me to go outside. We were running short on time by the time this was accomplished.    I heard Devin talking to Nana about going back to Shannoncourt and this time Nana accompanying us. 

When Devin came home from work I was quick to greet at the door and also quick to run right into my nest.
Devin managed to get me to leave my crate; we went for a walk then came back for some supper and my night time meds.

After supper Devin tried to engage me in some playtime.

I'm actually not snarling here. Lips got caught on my teeth

Lips still caught on teeth.

Tired from my 5mins of play.
I was a good boy for Nana today. No nips, snarls, grumbles or growls.  Nana tricked me though. In order to get me to come Nana dropped a few cranberries in my dish.  I've moved beyond this, i'm into the milkbones lately. Nana clicked the lid to the container and I came running!  Loooook outttt!

Another early night, with ANOTHER early morning. 
I get Devin all to myself this weekend.  Rumor has it I might have a play date at the park with the twins this friday.



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