Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Diggin' To China

Last night I decided to (again) stay out in my nest for the night.

Devin confused me this morning. After breakfast we went back to bed. Well Devin did. I thought Devin was getting ready for work; So i decided to lay a smack down on my new frog stuffy!

Devin poked out from the bedroom to see what I was up to....

Frog smack down!

Hugsssss :)
Once I figured out that Devin wasn't going to work I made myself comfy on my bed besides Devin's.

 Once I finally agreed to go outside I brought Devin to the ditch out front.
Lately I've been drawn target fixated on checking the area out. I dig/paw/dig/paw and paw at the snow some more.  Devin and Nana get a real charge out of my random paw/digs. 
As I attempted to dig my way to China, Devin told me again today that I'm a sight hound, not a scent hound.
Checking things out - Digging to China

Neeeed Toooo Keeep Smeeeellinnnggg
Just one more sniff...
 Once Devin was able to grab my attention away from the ditch we went for a walk to the soccer field.
We walked, and walked and wandered about the field.  My attention was sharp on the schoolyard across the way. The children were out laughing/playing, I stood there fixated on the sounds for some time. 

We took a walk over to the outdoor rink. MY FIRST CANADIAN ICE RINK!  (still distracted by the school yard noises)

Devin went out for lunch today with Sherry and Gerry.  Before leaving I was given my KONGS. I had a field day with them. NOM NOM NOM.

Once home Devin had to run out to the post office.  I was asked if i wanted to come with but I couldn't be bothered to leave my "nest".  When Devin came back I was in the process of having some fun of my own. Devin figured that would happen as the wrapper was left in the spare room within my reach.
Ole!  I love the sound of crinkle paper!!!

I would like to point out though that I didn't cry any when Devin left for the post office, NOR did i carry on when Devin came back and went off to do laundry a little while later.  When Devin came back into the apartment I was laying in the hallway on my side.  Just hangin' out :)


We head to see Dr. Janet tomorrow morning for 9:15am.  Nails to be clipped, Urine to be tested *not sure if there is anything else we need to talk about*  Oh that circle on my rear thigh that Gina had seen while clipping my nails last month.  I think that's about it.


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