Sunday, February 12, 2012

CTW Altar Boy Meets Father Mathew

Devin and I went for our morning walk. Again I took Devin around the big loop, only this time we kept walking around the loop instead of cutting down Nana's street.  We came upon Nana's church; church was just letting out so we decided to wait and say hi to Nana.

People coming out of the church were full of nice compliments. An older woman ( a great nana type of person old) leaving the church asked if i was friendly and gave me some loving.  She said she didn't have an snacks for me; then said, well I have a candy but I don't think you're allowed those.  hehe

I was curious about where all these people were coming from. I slowly made my way up the front steps of the church.  We waited outside while Nana went to tell Father Mathew that I was here. 
We went inside to say a quick hello.  Father Mathew touched my back and told me that St. Francis would always look over me. I was busy looking at the people still filling out of the church.  So many people and things to look at!

Nana offered us a ride home, but we declined.  As chilly as it is outside it's still a nice day for a walk.
Now home Devin got me out of my multiple layers of clothing (or so it felt like); I'm going to nest for the remainder of the day. :)

Last night - Bedtime: 

This morning before our walk:

Devin put my collar on me to see if it would motivate me to move. Do you think it worked???

still nope.

Thinking about it....

Stopping for a photo - getting dressed to go outside.

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