Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Day In Photos - Lazy Sunday

failed attempt at getting me to go for a walk last night....

Bright eyed this morning

Relaxin' with Devin

We napped the day away... Lazy Sunday

Being independent last night

I have my own pillow :)

Z z Z z z

Pretending to be a "normal" dog.  Watching the Door...

We didn't do much today.  Devin decided it would be a true lazy day.  We stayed in bed for the most part.
I went on my morning walk; I was tuckered out near the end of it. Yawning as I walked.

This evening when we went for our walk we ran into Lynda!!! When we got closer to her I picked up my pace to a trot and had a full on wag of a tail happening. 

Lynda popped by a few times this evening.  It was sure nice seeing her.  We went over to her place for a few minutes. I ran around the apartment. I sure do miss Lucy :(
Maybe this summer we can meet up when I go down home with Devin.  Lynda asked us if we'd come visit and stay for a few days. 

Early night tonight, Devin heads back to work in the morning.  Nana will come by for a visit tomorrow. :)

That's it for me.  Going to creep off to bed.


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