Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Play Day

We went to the dog park today.  I met two new dogs.  I kind of just did my own thing for a while.
One of the dogs is an 8month old lab type dog.  She got me to run along with her for a short bit.
Her older brother just stood around wanting to be pet; more mature out of the bunch.

Just before we went down to the beach for a cool down a bulldog arrived at the park.  We sniffed for a bit then went our separate ways.  She came by me a few times before we left to try and get me to chase her.  I was just too tired to play along.

Devin brought me down to the river. I plopped myself in there for a quick bit.  The waves were too busy for me today, that and the water is cooler. brrr*
Devin picked me up and carried me up the sandbank so I wouldn't get covered in sand. Once dried off we made our way back home.   z z z ZZzz z  zz

Few photos:
 Last night*

Sleep Smiles
Z z z z

Half Roachin' :)
After breakfast -Being independent by hangin' out in the hall
Let's go Devin!  On our way to the park

Catchin' some Z's before the park

Coming out of the water from taking a quick cool down/dip

Sleeeeeepy from running at the park
Leaving the park/beach

Curled up - sleeping

Still sleeping - enjoying the sun and warm breeze


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